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Rabastan Eleran Lestrange
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I feel ill. Thats about it. Nothing new, nothing old. I'm going to bed. Whens Quiditch practice? Cause I'll have to make up an excuse not to go. Probably the fact that if I were to I'd probably fall of my broom, which is the entire truth.

Maybe it was something I ate or maybe its just a common cold or something.

Current Mood: sicksick

Lifes good...Well not good but certainly not bad. Classes are good. Hogwarts is peaceful. Outside Hogwarts is...None of my concern at the moment.

Mother and Father keep writing to me but I really can't be bothered writing back as its a waste of Ares, my owls, energy and time. They should go bother someone else. Maybe.

Christmas is over and the new years begun, its refreshing. I've been reading alot. Mainly on the History of Magic, it fascinates me.

I might go and find Professor Binns.

Current Location: Slytherin common room.
Current Mood: contentcontent

What the hell am I meant to get that idiot? Ew Christmas, a day which I dread more than any other. I have to return home and actually want to.
Might give him Chocolate toads...

Current Mood: confusedconfused

Dung in my face was one thing, breaking my wrist was just to much, I SHALL GET MY REVENGE!

I don't know how...How do you get revenge on a ghost...Think Bastan Think!

Current Mood: blankblank


You broke my wrist. Now have to use my right hand to write and its messy.
Professor Slughorn thinks I should go to the hosptal wing, but Madam Pomfrey will hurt me or Peeves will get me. Nope ts not safe 'll just stay here.

Bastard! I should've known.

Current Mood: soresore

I shall never be nice EVER again. I must remember that.

Anyway things are rather normal, lots of  funny stuff happening, though those who experience it don't think its funny. 
I wonder if Pince will let me in the Library...

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

These Children are everywhere.

Those two girls are rather creative.

Theres nothing to do...

Theres really nothing dramatic happening.

Current Location: Boys Dorm.
Current Mood: blankblank

I hate mother she sent me Undies for my Birthday and the card said now "your're old like Rodolphus, remember follow in his footsteps not your Fathers" I felt like sending a howler that screamed at her saying im Rabastan my own person, but i couldn't find one. This is a stupid day of this stupid year, i'm going to bed so leave me alone.

Rodolphus yelled at me yesterday, how was i meant to know he was getting freaky with someone?
I was trying to read and all i could hear was thumping, groaning and moaning!
He told me to mind my own business, i think he is gonna hex me. 
The girl was embarassed.
Rodolphus joked around (After he had apologised to the girl and gotten dressed)  and said i was enjoying watching it because i don't have a sex life of my own, I was not, it was annoying and i shall be scarred for life!


Current Location: In the library.
Current Mood: scaredTruamatised

Should i?
Shouldn't i?
Should i?
Shouldn't i?

This is very confusing, i wonder if anyone other than Evan recieved a letter. 
If i got one Rodolphus got his first. Which would mean that Bellatrix got one. Which would mean that if i decided to join (which i will have to one day) i will still have to see the oldest Black.  

This is confusing i wonder if i accepted straight away what would happen...
Mother would wash my mouth out thinking she was cleansing my stupidity.
Father would be pleased.

Current Location: Lestrange Manor
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
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